Let’s vacation more, buy that house, and retire early!

Create a financial plan that gets your money working for you!

Are you sick of having to constantly put off your wants and desires?

Do you want to buy a home in a beautiful community?

Are you sick of working for someone else and supporting their dreams instead of your own?

You need a plan!

It’s wayyy past time to put you and your family 1st! Let’s start building your legacy today.

Generational wealth for your family tree starts with YOU!

I’ve been where a lot of you are and I’m still in the process of building my own legacy. I was sick of never having enough money to go on nice vacations or being scared to take time off work to show up for my daughter’s school events in the middle of the work day, It can feel suffocating knowing that if you make your boss mad on the wrong day that you won’t be able to provide for your family.

So many of us are constantly walking on egg shells in our daily life so that we can keep a steady paycheck. While all of us aren’t meant to be entrepreneurs, everyone deserves to have freedom when making every day decisions.

The Financial Freedom Plan was designed to help you do just that! You deserve the freedom to choose where and how you show up in life! You deserve not to live in fear of being let go by a company because your finances are strong and healthy! Because when we make decisions from a place a freedom, that’s when we truly start living…

Maybe you want to go on more vacations, buy your dream house, or plan to retire in 5-10 years instead of 20-30 years from now. Maybe you just want to take a gap year to figure out what you want to do with your life and not be in homeless or living with your parents while doing so.

Whatever your goals are I’m here to serve you and help you accomplish them!

A sneak peak inside the course:
The Financial Freedom Plan


Module 1: Goal Setting Jumpstart

So many of us have goals that never happen because they’re too vague. If we’re honest with ourselves we don’t always believe we can actually achieve them. This module helps you to clearly define your goals so that they are actionable and attainable without settling for less than God has for you!


Module 2: Budgeting Blueprint

In this module you learn how to create a budget that works for your life and helps you attain your goals. Whether you’re tech savvy or love pencil and paper, you will be able to create and track your budget.


Module 3: Savings Secrets

Sometimes saving money can be hard. In this module we go over the importance of saving, how much you should save, and what may be hindering you from reaching your savings goals.


Module 4: Becoming Debt Free

Debt has a pandemic of its own. While it can be useful to get ahead at times for most of us it’s holding us back. Here we will cover how to get out of debt, when it may be necessary to keep debt, and what role it will play in your overall financial plan.


Module 5: Credit Score Rescue

Whether you want to buy a home to live in, properties to rent out, or help with starting up your business you need great credit. In this module I cover how to repair bad credit, increase your scores from good to great, and how to maintain great credit.


Module 6: Roadmap to Financial Freedom

This module will teach you how to multiply your money and have it working for you! We can’t reach true financial freedom until we understand investing in our retirement plans, the stock market, real estate, and ourselves!
During the course I make sure you get the technical know-how along with how to implement it in your life. While everyone will go through the same process this course is designed for everyone to have a customized plan that works for them and their behavior patterns.

Are you ready?