Create your

custom financial plan,

start living your dream life, and
leave a legacy for your family!


here’s the truth:


You’re making good money, but not knowing how to manage your money is keeping you from living the life you desire.

After working so hard to make a great income, you should have more to show for it.


Will I ever be able to buy a home?

How do I fix my credit?

Where is all my money going?

How do I start investing?

How do I get to a place where I can quit this job if they start acting crazy?

Is it possible for me to create a life that gives me the freedom to spend quality time with my family and provide them with a better life?

Managing your finances doesn’t have to be hard… but with so much information available it can be overwhelming to figure out what makes sense for your individual needs to get your family set up for financial success. 

This program gives you my signature framework with a straightforward step-by-step approach to: 

Set your goals – financial & lifestyle

Organize your money- set a budget, increase savings, decrease debt, 800+ credit score club

Your personalized roadmap to financial freedom- income streams, retirement, investing

Get the proven education, resources, support, and wealth strategy that has helped parents reach their dream goals and start building wealth. This is your time.


Weekly Group Coaching Calls for Personalized Support

Educational Modules with Videos and Resources

Private Facebook Community for Engagement and Support

Financial worksheets and tools

Phone scripts for dealing with collection agencies

Action Steps for Progressive Results

Personalized Roadmap to Financial Freedom

We’ve helped Parents just like you!

Aysia Jackson

“Developing a plan for financial wellness with Bri has been a weight off my chest! Sometimes we need an outside set of eyes to aid us in developing financial structure! #theroadtofinancialwellness”

Janet Freeman

Anna Aderonmu

“I took Bri’s advice a few months ago and now my credit score is up 72 points!! I have paid off three credit cards and currently paying off the last one! She has renewed my confidence in being debt free and made me believe it is an attainable goal.”

THE Financial Freedom Plan CURRICULUM

MODULE 1: Goal Setting Jumpstart

Unlock the power of intentional goal setting and create a roadmap to financial success that aligns with your dreams and aspirations.

MODULE 2: Budgeting Blueprint

Discover the art of value-based spending and master the art of budgeting to live below your means, empowering you to take control of your finances and play in the gap between income and expenses.

MODULE 3: Saving Secrets

Uncover the secrets to building substantial savings by identifying the core issues impacting your financial situation and exploring avenues to increase your income through side hustles and entrepreneurial ventures.

MODULE 4: Becoming Debt Free

Break free from the burden of debt and experience true financial freedom through strategic debt management, understanding the purpose of debt, and implementing effective methods to pay off debts and regain control of your financial future.

MODULE 5: Credit Score Rescue

Harness the power of a good credit score and unlock opportunities for better financial prospects by understanding the importance of credit, learning how it’s determined, and gaining insights on managing and improving your credit score.

MODULE 6: Roadmap to Financial Freedom

Explore multiple income streams in retirement, delve into the world of stocks and real estate investing, and unlock the keys to financial abundance through house hacking, flipping homes, and building a roadmap for your financial journey.


($5000 VALUE)

Weekly Strategy Q+A Calls

Each and every week, you will be able to submit questions for our group coaching session. This hot-seat style call allows you to get your most urgent questions answered in real-time and remove any confusion or mindset blocks that come up during the financial planning process.

($1000 VALUE)

Private Facebook Community

We take community very seriously, and inside the program you will be in a think tank with other parents who are ready to become the first in their family to create generational wealth and a legacy. Inside the community you have daily access to your peers and coaches to share wins, get motivation, ask for feedback, and collaborate with parents who are striving to make more impact, just like you.

our client success stories

Brandon and his wife started saving an extra $1700/mo within 2 months.

So if you guys are looking for some financial advice or some more ways to make your money work for you, I must insist that you look for guidance from Bri Smith, CPA. She did an excellent job helping my wife and I. We were able to save an extra $1,700 a month. Don’t wait you could be saving today… we’ve actually have been working with Bri Smith, CPA since last summer.

– Brandon

I was able to lay out all my finances and bills.

Going through the Financial Freedom Plan helped me to lay out all of my finances and get clear on my goals. I was able to map out how to pay off all my credit cards and when I will get out of debt. I highly recommend B.D. Smith Financial Services for every family.

– Brianna M.

Financial problems solved and learned about investments and ownership.

I enjoyed working with Bri Smith to get my financial stability/credit in order. She was very knowledgeable and professional throughout each session. She was able to not only assist with my financial needs, she was also able to shed some insight on other areas as well (ie. investments, home ownership, etc.). She was very relatable and always followed up. I greatly appreciate and have benefited from her services.

– Lynn Michelle