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How to Set Your Goals, Manage Your Cashflow, & Live Your Dream Life!

It’s time to build the life you love and will enjoy daily!

 You’ll Learn how to…

  • Set Your Goals – Start making your dreams a reality by getting clear on what you really want out of life!
  • Manage Your Money – Learning this method helped me go from sharing a twin bed with my daughter at my grandparents’ house to buying my own home only 2 years later!
  • Live the way you want – Stop having your boss decide when you’re allowed to take a vacation or take off just to sleep in. Its time to take back control of your life!

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About Bri Smith:

Bri is a strong believer in creating generational wealth and living a life full of joy and purpose. Too many people are living in a place of lack and she wants to help change that.

As a Certified Public Accountant she has over 5 years of experience helping manage the money of those making multiple 6-7 figures a year. She is passionate about helping everyday hardworking men and women to live a life of abundance as well.

She has a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Personal Financial Planning. She’s managed to buy 2 homes, sell her 1st home for a 6 figure profit, and win with her personal finances. Now she wants to help you do the same!

Customers Reviews

I have used B.D. Smith Financial Services within my coaching business. I highly recommend this company to any business owner!

Dana Cameron

Mrs.Smith is a knowledgeable professional who really invest her time in helping her clients seek financial freedom. I took her advice a few months ago and now my credit score is up 72 points!! I have paid off three credit cards and currently paying off the last one! She has renewed my confidence in being debt free and made me believe it is an attainable goal. I would highly recommend if you are seeking a reputable financial professional to help you reach your financial goals!!

Anna Aderonmu

Bri is very professional and thorough! She took something that is a stressor for me and gave me clarification and a bigger picture to work for and with!

Asyia Jackson

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